Yesterday, a friend tagged me on a Facebook post about a 12 years old - senior Korean Jindo dog named Mong that sat behind bars in the shelter for more than 2 years. Jindos are hunting dogs and do not easily warm up to people. Of course this would not translate to a good first impression for potential adopters. Despite having his story shared more then 10,000 times on social media, no one showed interest in adopting Mong. Not until a kind hearted Vancouverite - Jessica heard his story and put her name forward. While the shelter staff warned Jessica about Mong's personality and may not open to her, miraculously Jessica and Mong bonded immediately and she adopted him. Mong now lives a happy life in downtown Vancouver.

This story made me realize that there is a dog for everyone regardless of age, breed and sex. I am so happy for both Jessica and Mong.

(Photo credit: Vancouver Buzz)

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