Bringing monochromatic palettes back into everyday outfits, our Basics Collection creates the perfect subtle yet bold outfits that leave an impact.


Ultra-soft and strong nylon webbing, solid-coloured sets, safety-lock mammoth hook, easy-tie loop system, front-clip harnesses, fabric martingales.

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Aqua Collection

Vancouver-based companies have to account for the rainy weather we experience 90% of the year. Our Aqua Collection is here so your dog’s gear can withstand these conditions while still standing out in the rain.

Waterproof coating, zinc-plated metal attachments to prevent rusting, easy-tie loop system, easy to wash, odour preventing.


Ikonic Collection

Created to bridge the gap between human and dog apparel, our Ikonic Collection is here to ensure that your dog can hit the streets in stylish gear that will always make heads turn.

Stronger polypro webbing, dual-sided patterns, safety-lock mammoth hook, easy-tie loop system, front-clip harnesses.

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Lab IX Clothing

Human-grade apparel for dogs is meant to make heads turn and to change the standards of the dog market. Our Lab IX Collection isn't here to play around, if you wouldn't buy a cheap quality clothing piece for yourself, why would you do so for your dog? We're here to stop this quality imbalance.

Weatherproof, micro-fleece lined, reflective materials, and pocketable designs.


Adventure Collection

Where it all started. Our original line of dog gear that is meant for those looking to explore the wilderness in style. If you’re a fan of our originals, then you’re in the right place to browse all that we still carry. Only the best sellers have remained, of course.

Ultra-soft Nylon webbing, adjustable 3ft - 5ft leashes, fun-oriented designs.

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