River District x Woof Concept

Wesgroup is one of Western Canada’s largest private real estate organizations with over 50 years of experience and an extensive portfolio in both residential and commercial real estate. They strive to create community and prides themselves on the ability to see the potential that others find challenging. At its River District community, it isn’t only about having a place to call home. They prioritize the living experience of being a resident of a Wesgroup development. They are committed to building and improving the community they have thoughtfully incorporated surrounding the River District residences. 


From a walkable lifestyle with access to groceries, coffee shops, and restaurants to simply taking leisurely walks along the river with your dog, these opportunities are all available to ensure a sense of belonging and support is built around the valued residents who call River District their home. By hosting events at River District, such as Savour Summer, the Annual Easter Egg Hunt, the Vancouver Mural Festival, and social/community initiatives to engage community members with one another, Wesgroup is here to change the norms surrounding residences. Their goal is to turn their community into a one-of-a-kind family that all members can feel included and supported. 


Woof Concept is excited to partner with Wesgroup to further develop the community River District is continuously improving for its residents. From dog-friendly units that ensure they aren’t left behind, to donating proceeds from their sales to South Vancouver Family Place, River District and Woof Concept share the same values. We are committed to providing the best quality of life for urban city dogs and giving back to the community. River District Vancouver is a combination of urban city living and building inclusive communities for this progressive mission, and Woof Concept is beyond appreciative to be a part of this journey. 


All proceeds from the purchase of this collaboration at River District’s location will be donated to South Vancouver Family Place, a non-profit organization that offers family support, a family drop-in program, a parenting center, and a licensed Vancouver preschool with a multicultural staff.

*Collaboration hoodies available exclusively at River Districts showroom location.



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