Hyundai X Woof Concept

Hyundai X Woof Concept

Woof Concept was approached by Hyundai to create a co-branded, limited edition collar and leash set as part of their Santa Fe Giveaway in honour of National Dog Day in 2019. The company has always aimed to show its support for animal welfare and partnered with Woof Concept so that it could help contribute to the cause. 

This limited edition set was only available to contestants during the Santa Fe Giveaway event, making the collaboration set highly exclusive. A portion of proceeds for all sales of this collaboration set was donated to animals in need. 

The promotion of the campaign helped promote our mission and values to a larger audience, and also allowed Hyundai to demonstrate their stance and values as well. We’re honoured to have been approached by such a large brand and to have been noticed for the work that we do.

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