Limited Lifetime Warranty 

Woof Concept Products Ltd. and Woof Concept USA LLC (hereinafter referred to as "Woof Concept") warrants to the original purchaser when subject to normal and proper residential use, will be free from defects in material or craftsmanship for a period of 5 years. The limited lifetime warranty covers leashes, collars, harnesses, martingales collars and dog gear specifically marked as "Made in Canada" or "Crafted in Canada". For the Cloud 9 Dog Bed Warranty, please review the subsequent section below. 


What is covered under our limited lifetime warranty 

  • Cracks or breaks with the plastic adjustment triglide or side release buckle (biting or shatters excluded).
  • Snap hook can no longer open or close due to spring failure
  • Failure of locking mechanism on the Carabiner Mammoth Hook
  • Thread seams coming apart from sewing joints after extended use 


What is not covered under our limited lifetime warranty

  • Chewing. Our products are not a chew toy unless specified as a chew toy. With over 100 years of combined manufacturing experiences, our seamstresses are seasoned professionals that have worked for some of the biggest global brands in the world. Our webbing have gone through extensive testing including pulling a half-ton pickup truck so they don't just rip apart. However, your dog's bite can tear through the webbing so please be honest with us when submitting your claim =).  
  • Cosmetic Damage which is defined as stains, color changes, normal wear and tear, scratches, non-functional changes in appearance of the product due to daily use and which do not compromise the functionality of the product 
  • Rust. Unless specified as waterproof or water-resistant, please avoid dipping any metal components in water.
  • Intentional abuse, tampering, misuse, alterations and modifications to the product
  • Chipping on the waterproof coating on the waterproof collar, leash or harness. Chipping is a normal part of wear and tear and is considered a cosmetic damage - not a defect. Chipping happens when the coating is rubbed against a very hard surface or if your dog decides to nibble/chew on it. 

Cloud 9 Dog Bed Warranty Policy

This section applies to the Woof Concept Cloud 9 Dog Bed. Woof Concept provides a one-year limited warranty, exclusively addressing manufacturing discrepancies. This warranty encompasses issues stemming from craftsmanship or material flaws. It does not extend to typical wear and tear. Please note, damages resulting from rigorous canine activities, including but not limited to scratches, bites, or tears, as well as any liquid-induced damages, are excluded from this coverage. Please contact hello@woofconcept.com for further information of if you would like to initiate a warranty claim. 


Other Terms and Conditions 

The limited lifetime warranty is not transferrable and will automatically terminate if the original purchaser resells the product or transfers the property to another user. If a user receives the item as a gift and the product was received brand new and was purchased from www.woofconcept.com, the user receiving the gift will be considered as the original purchaser and the limited-lifetime warranty will apply. Products received from donation centers, raffle draws and contest winners will not be covered under our limited lifetime warranty and such product is provided on an "as-is" basis. 

A lifetime warranty can only be used once on each product from the same order. If you received a brand new replacement on a warrantied product, your new replacement will no longer be covered by our limited lifetime warranty but instead will be covered under limited warranty for a maximum of 90 calendar days from the re-shipment date. 

Woof Concept product is designed only for use with domesticated animals. Do not use the product for any other purpose(s). If your animal has severe behavioral issues and or is very aggressive, please consult with your veterinarian or certified animal trainer before using the products.

This limited lifetime warranty does not provide protection against, and Woof Concept will have no liability under this limited lifetime warranty for any damage to or defects in the products caused by an animal, loss of product(s), failure, defect or damage caused by situations beyond normal residential conditions, including, but not limited to: commercial use, abuse, misuse, neglect, improper installations and/or installation not in accordance with Woof Concept instructions. 

It is the end-users, owners or purchaser's responsibility to ensure the animal is using the correct product and appropriate size range. For example, if your animal is using a small size product during their puppy stage, the product may not be suitable for a fully grown adult. Please contact our representative to ensure the product you are using is fit for your breed and the recommended size range is being considered or speak with a certified animal training specialist or veterinarian before using the product(s). The limited-lifetime warranty will not apply if improper selection of dog collar, leash, harness is used based upon the animal's size, weight or strength. 

Our limited lifetime warranty do not cover damage inflicted on our products by objects or the dog (such as chewing). Products should not be left unattended with a dog. Damage caused beyond our product's purpose and usage is out of our control and up to the user choices. If the product is not advertised as "waterproof" or "water-resistant", dipping the product in water or any form of liquid will automatically void the warranty. 

End-users, owners and purchaser's cannot solely rely upon collars, leashes, harnesses to provide all safety considerations typical with the maintenance, care, custody or control of an animal. It is the end-users, owners and purchaser's responsibility to ensure their animal is in a safe environment before using the product(s). 

Woof Concept can only process warranty claims if you purchase the products directly from our website. 

Woof Concept Products Ltd. reserves the right to decline any warranty claim with just cause.


Other Warranty Exclusions 

Woof Concept warranty coverage does not include wear and tear on the reflective stripe of the leash. Overtime, this component will worn out but will not impact the overall purpose of the leash. *As of August 2020, the reflective stripe on our leash has been discontinued and any new leashes in our inventory that is manufactured beyond this date will not have the reflective stripe*

Cosmetic damages due to normal wear and tear does not impact the functionality of the product and is not covered under this warranty policy. Natural breaking of the color over time and chewing is not covered under the limited lifetime warranty policy.  

Products that are not advertised as waterproof are not waterproof and should not be assumed as waterproof. Our metal buckle, metal components and half-check chain are nickel plated and will sustain normal wear and tear. Under normal usage, it will not rust. However, we do not recommend submerging the metal buckle, metal components and half-check chains in sea/lake water as this will void the warranty and may cause the metal buckle and half-check chains to rust. Like majority of products that uses metal component in their accessories, abrasions from microscopic particles such as sand or mud could erode the nickel plate and can potentially leave a stain on a dog with white coat when you are submerging the product in water especially in salt/sea/lake water. 

The silicon badge on our collars or leashes is not covered under our lifetime warranty program. This is because different weight, sizes and material composition of each Dog ID Tag are unique and could alter the silicone hole on our badge. If you have a heavy ID tag, please place it on the D ring that is provided with your collar. Woof Concept assumes no responsibility for lost ID Tags as this is the sole responsibility of the purchasers or end-user. By purchasing our products, you agree to our terms and conditions. *As of December 2020, the silicone badge with the hole will no longer be manufactured. Any collars manufactured beyond this date will no longer have the hole in the silicone badge and will be replaced with a standard silicon badge.* 

Any other exclusion listed on this limited warranty policy and outside of this section applies. 



How to Initiate A Warranty Claim

To initiate a warranty claim, please email us at hello@woofconcept.com quoting your order number or your original receipt of purchase from our authorized dealer and we will respond to your claim within 3-5 business days. On your claim, you must provide the following information. 

1) Describe the issue

2) Are you able to replicate the issue in a safe in-door environment. If yes, please take a video or photo 

3) Weight and breed of your dog

4) Supporting video and photo of the issue 

All claims will be adjudicated within 5  business days. If a claim is approved, we will issue a replacement to you and ship the item within 2 business days. If the warranty product is no longer available or the item/pattern has been discontinued, we will offer an online store credit for the full value of your product. Please note shipping and handling charges is not included in our limited-lifetime warranty claim.

We may ask you to mail the defective products to us for further assessment. All products coming back to our warehouse will be tested rigorously and if we do not find the product to be defective, you may be asked for paying for return postage of the product. 

If a claim is not approved, you will be notified within 5 business days in writing by email. All claim results are final 

If your  warranty claim is approved, you will receive a store credit for the value of your product. Please note, we do not issue refunds on broken products that have been used and/or is not covered under warranty. If its covered under warranty, you will receive a credit and if the product is no longer available, we may provide you with another product of equal or lesser value. 

This limited warranty shall be governed by the laws of British Columbia and the laws of Canada, excluding their conflicts of laws principles. Jurisdiction and venue shall be exclusive to the courts of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 

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