What is the warranty policy on your products?

We offer limited lifetime guarantee on our leashes, collars and harnesses. If our product breaks due to craftsmanship defects, we will replace the product and provide you with an instore credit for the value of the product. However, negligence and misuses are not covered under our limited lifetime guarantee program. Our warranty covers the life-time of the product which is defined as 5 years from purchase date. We can only process warranty claims if you purchase our products directly from our website. Please note, cosmetic damages due to normal wear and tear does not impact the functionality of the product and is not covered under our warranty. Natural breaking of the color over time is normal and also not covered by our limited warranty policy. Chewing is  not covered under our warranty policy. Our trained professionals can tell the difference between damages due to chewing and normal wear and tear so please be honest with us before submitting your claim. 

If your product broke and the warranty claim is approved, you will receive a replacement or a store credit for future purchases. Please note, we do not issue refunds on broken products that have been used and/or is not covered under warranty. If its covered under warranty, you will receive a credit and if the product is no longer available, we may provide you with another product of equal or lesser value.  

Further note, a warranty claim can only be approved once per item, per purchase. 

Our warranty coverage does not include wear and tear on the reflective stripe of the leash. Overtime, this component will worn out but will not impact the overall purpose of the leash. As of August 2020, the reflective stripe on our leash has been discontinued and any new leashes in our inventory that is manufactured beyond this date will not have the reflective stripe.

The silicon badge on our collars or leashes is not covered under our lifetime warranty program. This is because different weight, sizes and material composition of each Dog ID Tag are unique and could alter the silicone hole on our badge. If you have a heavy ID tag, please place it on the D ring that is provided with your collar. Woof Concept assumes no responsibility on lost ID Tags as this is the sole responsibility of the customer. By purchasing our products, you agree to our terms and conditions. As of December 2020, the silicone badge with the hole will no longer be manufactured. Any collars manufactured beyond this date will no longer have the hole in the silicone badge and will be replaced with a standard silicon badge.  

To initiate a warranty claim, please email us at hello@woofconcept.com quoting your order number and we will respond to your claim within 2 business days. All claims will be adjudicated within 7 business days. If a claim is approved, we will issue a replacement to you and ship the item within 2 business days. If the warranty product is no longer available or item has been discontinued, we will offer an online credit. If a claim is not approved, you will be notified within 7 business days of when you initiate your claim. All claim results are final 


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