20,160 BC • Founded Inside A Cave

After adopting a French Bulldog named Pedro, the owners started building the company's first prototype in the Cave (I meant their Garage) with a 1990 Juki Sewing machine that was purchased from an old garment factory and Woof Concept was born

2016 • Launched in Farmer's Market Stalls

With some spare time on the founders hands, they built a bunch of collars and leashes and started selling them at a local farmer's market. People loved it and they sold out everything on their first day including their table (not a joke), someone wanted to buy their table and chairs because they had nothing on the table and thought they were selling the table.

2016 • Partnered with First Retail Location

With the positive response from the Farmer's Market, the owner's ambitions went a bit further (maybe a bit too far).

Thinking they will sell MILLIONS, they made their first outbound sales call and was rejected by many local pet stores. People laughed and they thought they were out of luck until the owner - Raymond at Woofgang Pet Supplies (located on Cambie Street Vancouver) took a shot at the founders - forever changing the trajectory of the company.

2017 • West Coast Canada Expansion

Stars were lining up for the dual and Woof Concept attracted the attention of a well respected and reputable pet product distributor in Western Canada that were owned by a very nice and humble couple - Dave and Tracey. Till this very day, they remain our top supporter and Woof Concept are forever in their debt.

2018 • East Coast Canada Expansion

After receiving a phone call from a Distributor in Eastern Canada, our products began to sell at various retail locations across Eastern Canada.

2019 • Latin American Expansion

After attending the Global Pet Expo in Orlando and spending all their available money in a do-or-die situation, Woof Concept secured a distribution deal in Chile - peeing I mean "marking" our first territory outside of North America.

2020 • South Korea & Hong Kong Expansion

Suspecting it was a scam call in the beginning, our company received an invitation from the Government of Canada to attend a trade event in South Korea. Turns out the call was legit.

We were provided an opportunity to pitch our company and products to buyers for some of the biggest chains and department stores in the Asia Pacific Region. We secured a deal with a distributor and shipped our products to Asia for the first time.

2020 • Launches Neko & Lab IX

One night, our CEO was cleaning up the warehouse and noticed a bunch of scrap webbing on the floor. Not wanting these to go to waste, a light bulb went off in his head and he started experimenting with the scraps eventually leading him to create the cat collection we now call Neko (inspired from the Japanese word - Maneki Neko).

That same year, Woof Concept went on to launch the Lab IX dog apparel collection.

2021 • Leash Innovation Award

Not the Academy Awards but close enough (actually we are not sure). But we won the Product of the Year Award in the Leash category and graciously accepted it without slapping anyone on the way.

2022 • Birth of the Underdog

This year, we lost Pedro and during this time, Woof Concept was in the midst of a rebrand that aims to bring light to the purpose of the brand. The underdog mindset was adopted from Pedro which was very similar to the Founder's struggle in operating this brand.

2100 • Free Shipping Across the Universe

Universe Domination! YES! We are hoping to offer Free Shipping across the universe when the Government permits interplanetary space travel. Stay Tuned.

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