Our Give Back Mission

Woof Concept was established after the rescue of our founder’s French Bulldog, Pedro. He was run over on the streets of Taiwan and left for dead until volunteers from a Canadian animal rescue found him. After intensive medical care and rehabilitation, he was finally ready to come to his forever home, right here in Vancouver, BC. Since then, our founder has made it a key priority for our company to continuously give back to animals in need because they never asked for a life devoid of a family and love. So we’re here to ensure that we can support animal rescues and help them with financial assistance and essential product donations to ensure that animals in their care get the best chance of finding their forever homes possible.

Our Partnered Organizations

Over the past 5 years of operation, Woof Concept has amassed a list of animal rescue shelters that share our beliefs and mission when it comes to helping animals in need. We work with them annually to continue to support their work, whether it be local or international. Here is a list of our current partners who we have just recently run a successful Buy 1 Give 1 Campaign to help support them in light of COVID-19. Our team and our supportive community helped raise OVER $10,000 worth of dog products to be donated to our partnered shelters. Our goal is to be able to continuously run donation campaigns like such so that animal shelters can continue receiving essential supplies while focusing their funding towards more immediate medical, rehabilitation, and facility costs to ensure their animals in care have the best quality of life with them possible. 

Finding Them Homes: www.findingthemhomes.com

Furever Freed Dog Rescue Society:www.fureverfreeddogrescue.com

Helpaws: www.helpaws.com

Loved at Last Dog Rescue: www.lovedatlastdogrescue.ca

Niagara Dog Rescue: www.niagaradogrescue.com

Paws of the North Rescue: www.pawsofthenorthrescue.com

Save a Life BC: www.savealifebc.com

Toronto Humane Society: www.torontohumanesociety.com

Our Collaborations & Purpose

We’re a local business that operates out of Vancouver, BC. We understand how important it is to support other businesses, share our goals and knowledge, to ensure that each one of us is seen and heard at elevated levels than before we get together. Because of this, Woof Concept prides itself in continuously collaborating with local businesses and artists to help promote one another through these collaborations. By introducing ourselves into each other’s communities, our mission is to help support and spread awareness around each other, sharing the same values and passion, while continuously feeling proud to be supporting and watching each other grow. Check out our past collaborations or feel free to reach out to us if you’re interested in collaborating with us. We’re always excited to meet new people to welcome into our community.

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