Made In Canada

Our collars, leashes and harnesses are handcrafted in Canada

Lifetime Warranty

Our products comes with a limited lifetime warranty

Premium Materials

Built with branded components

5% of Profits Donated

Every purchase helps an animal in need.

Tailored Collars

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Even if we don’t offer the sizing that your dog needs (whether they’re too small or too big for what we offer) we can custom make you one that meets their needs, so don’t feel left out! We also make fabric martingales for heavy pullers. In any size and pattern.

Tailored Harnesses

We offer step-in harnesses as the standard harness for all of our collection releases. We can also create them in sizes outside of our offering range. With this said, our seamstresses are highly skilled in their craft and can custom make you different style harness if needed. Whether it be an H-harness or front martingale harness, we can do it. Even if it's not a common harness type, as long as our team believes your dog will be safe in it, we can help create a custom harness type with measurements and references you provide.

Tailored Leashes

Whether you want to use a leash for busy city strolls or long range hikes, we can adjust our leash lengths for you dependant on your specific needs. We also know there are different types of leashes on the market. As long as we have the component in house, we can create a custom leash for you (no personalized printing yet though, maybe in the near future).

Tailoring Limitations

All customizations are subject to additional fees. We cannot guarantee we can approve your request if we do not have the appropriate components required for your product.

Customization Request Form

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