CLOUD9 is the ULTIMATE PET BED that combines superior comfort, design, and durability for dogs of all ages, from puppyhood to senior life.

Breathable Layer

One side of the pet bed is built with TPE foam layer, expertly engineered to keep your dog cool and comfortable during scorching summer days.

Reversible Pillow

Give your beloved dog the gift of year-round comfort with our innovative reversible pet beds. Designed with their ultimate well-being in mind, these beds feature a unique dual-sided construction that ensures optimal comfort and support, regardless of the season

Ultra Support

On one side, we have incorporated Egg Crate Foam, specifically chosen for its exceptional orthopedic properties. This side provides gentle support and pressure relief, making it perfect for dogs of all ages, including those with joint or mobility issues.


The TPE Foam is specifically designed and engineered to provide excellent airflow, preventing heat from becoming trapped and ensuring your dog stays refreshed.


Unleash the Power of Orthopedic Luxury Combined with High-Density Memory Foam. We've combined the finest materials to create a sleeping experience like no other. Our bed features an egg crate foam layer, renowned for its outstanding orthopedic properties, atop a high-density memory foam base. Prepare for a level of comfort that surpasses all expectations, without any compromise.

Let's Take a Look Inside the Covers...

1 Waterproof Liner

To Protect The Foam Layers

To help ease cleaning, this waterproof cover protects the foam layers from accidents and spills. Easily unzip the removable cover and toss it in the machine to wash!

2 Egg Crate Foam

Orthopaedic Properties

Complimenting the memory foam, this layer provides extra support for your dog’s back or tender areas.

3 Memory Foam

Human Grade Foam providing Pressure Relief

Like for humans, this foam conforms to your dog’s body shape, providing maximum comfort.

4 TPE Foam

Perfect for those hot Summers

The breathable layer that prevents trapped air and offers ventilation for those warm summer months.

Bed Cover Texture

Velvet Fabric Cover

Premium fabric used to increase and maximize softness for your dog.

Oxford Fabric Cover

The premium Oxford Fabric provides maximum comfort for hot summer days.

Anti-Slip Grip

An anti-slip grip at the bottom of the bed to minimize the bed sliding.

Woof Concept's
Cloud 9 Dog Bed

  • High Density Human Grade Foam
  • Reversible side with specialized TPE Foam for a breathable effect
  • Removable waterproof liner to prevent spills or accidents
  • Orthopaedic Foam for back and joint support
  • Anti-Slip Grip to minimize the bed sliding
  • Perfect for all year-round

Other Dog
Bed Brands

  • Low Density Foam or Polyester Fiber Filling
  • Non-Breathable
  • No waterproof Liners to protect foam layers
  • Standard Foam with no Orthopaedic Function
  • No Anti-Slip Grip
  • Not the best for warmer weathers

The Perfect Companion For Your Dog

I am so impressed by these dog beds. I have never seen another design as good, with such high quality and such attention to detail! Woof Concept thought of every single thing when it comes to keeping our pets cozy! I cannot believe these beds include orthopedic foam, a breathable side, and waterproof liner! Our doggies are obsessed and they are always cozy and happy when it comes to sleeping!!!

— Cassandra R.

Super Durable and Timeless Dog Bed

Woof Concept's Cloud 9 Dog Bed is Bonita’s favourite place to be! This unique dual sided concept of orthopedic foam and breathable side, make it a great investment for your puppy’s needs. Her long cozy nap sessions are a true testament to how comfortable it is! It’s perfect for her and goes great with our home decor.

— Stephanie

Quality Dog Bed for My Senior Dog

Convenience and easy cleaning are crucial due to Cola's large size and sensitive skin. As she ages and experiences more aches, her newfound comfort and support in this bed bring us both joy.

— Cheryl N.

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