Sleestak x Woof Concept

Owner of Grateful Tattoo Squamish and co-owner of Grateful House Toronto, Sleestak is an eco tattooer who loves everything art, boards & outdoors. Whether he’s using the elements in his designs or to have fun, he’s always striving to leave it better than he found it. His passions are earth-focused. Slee has been skating, snowboarding, and creating since he was just a kid. Through his content creation, he encourages others to be themselves, get outside and have fun. You can find him on the hill, at the skatepark, or in his studio where he uses all biodegradable products and plants 1 tree for every tattoo done.

I stay motivated by the thought of seeing my designs on different mediums. Getting to collaborate various on items that I use in my daily is super rad.

Woof Concept’s long-awaited release of this collaboration with Sleestak not only speaks to the art we wish to provide our pack members with, but it allows us to support local artists while exposing our community to the many people who hold the same values as us. As a rescue dog owner himself, Sleestak has stated that,

Rescues come with their own challenges some times, but I wouldn’t trade em for the world.

Bringing together the world of tattoo artists and dog apparel may seem strange to some people. But not to us. To us, this makes perfect sense to allow the form of self-expression tattoos provide people to be bridged over to dogs as well. Thank you Sleestak, for helping us continuously bridge this gap between human and dog apparel.


Sleestak x Woof Concept

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