Julie Nolke

We have teamed up with the Canadian powerhouse of comedy - Julie Nolke, This retro-inspired pattern is more than just a visual treat; it's a nod to the influences that shaped Julie’s unique comedic and creative lens. It reflects a shared appreciation for a time when the world seemed a little simpler, and the music, fashion, and culture were anything but. Through this collaboration, we've woven the fun, the flair, and the feel-good vibes of the 70s into a collection that stands out in today's pet accessory market, offering a piece of nostalgia that pet owners and their furry companions can enjoy together.


Betty Designs

Woof Concept's exciting new collaboration with the fiercely designed endurance apparel company, Betty Designs, is here to serve all of our design needs within the realm of the human and dog space.



Woof Concept is beyond excited to announce our collaboration with Driftwood which joins our communities within the dog and beer space. We love dogs, and we love beer. What’s better than spending a perfect summer day with your best friend and your favorite IPA?

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Raised by Wolves

Woof Concept is beyond excited to announce our limited edition waterproof collaboration collection with fellow Canadian streetwear brand Raised by Wolves. Exclusive only at Woof Concept and Raised by Wolves online stores, this is not a collection you want to miss out on.

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Woof Concept’s long-awaited collaboration release with Sleestak speaks loudly to our mission of bridging art with our love for dogs. Working with a like-minded artist is the reason this collaboration is the coolest collection we're dropping to date.

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River District

Bringing together urban lifestyle and urban living, Woof Concept's collaboration with real estate development company, Wesgroup, has been a milestone for us to reach to further develop our community.



Approached by Hyundai in 2019 for an exclusive limited edition collaboration release, Woof Concept and Hyundai supported National Dog Day together during the Giveaway campaign of the new release of Hyundai's 2019 Santa Fe model.

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SPCA AnimalKind

Humane animal treatment has always been an integral part of Woof Concept's values and beliefs system. Part of the proceeds from our Rove and Nomadic designs go specifically towards BC SPCA's Animal Kind program - a hub for credible services to be sought out.

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