Fresh Colours For the Summer

Waterproof dog gear never looked so good before. Imagine yourself walking down the beach with your dog looking this freakin bold - let's be honest, their swimming gear just out fashioned our own. Don't settle for anything less than fashionable and functional.

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With zinc-plated metal components and a waterproof outer coating to not only let our signature bold designs show through, but this also means odour free gear after a trip to the beach or lake. A hot summer day without the stench... yeah that sounds really good to us too.

Lime Margarita

All Seasons Appropriate

We're from Vancouver, BC. We're known for our rainy weather so obviously, we wouldn't give you waterproof gear that would look out of place the rest of the year if you live in a city that rains all of the time too. Featuring some more subtle, toned-down options, our Aqua Collection provides bold and subtle options for all of our seasonal outfit needs.

Dark 'N' Stormy


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