Ultimate Bundle

Woof Concept's Ultimate Bundle has all the essentials your dog needs! Featuring our best selling Waterproof Starter Kit, the ultimate bundle also provides your wallet with the maximum savings! Save up to $71 and to sweeten things up, we are also including a bonus bag of Salmon Dog Treat with every ultimate bundle purchase!

Each ultimate bundle comes with a waterproof starter kit (collar, leash and harness), a premium dog bowl, 2 poop bag holders and a bonus pack of salmon dog treat! 



From $169.99 CAD $233.93 CAD

Lime Margarita

From $169.99 CAD $233.93 CAD

Blue Hawaiian

From $169.99 CAD $233.93 CAD


From $169.99 CAD $233.93 CAD


From $169.99 CAD $233.93 CAD

Dark N' Stormy 2

From $169.99 CAD $233.93 CAD

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