Dog apparel you wish we made them for humans. Introducing our Lab IX Collection, we're taking dog apparel one step further to bring in some streetwear favourites into our line-up of options offered. With quality and style at the forefront of developing this collection, you bet it's going to exceed your expectations.

Winter Coat

Wintertide Coat - Blood Orange

From $45.99 CAD $47.99 CAD

Winter Coat

Wintertide Coat - Yellow

From $43.99 CAD $47.99 CAD


Casual Haze Hoodie - Grey

From $41.00 CAD $45.00 CAD


Casual Haze Hoodie - Black

From $41.00 CAD $45.00 CAD


Arrow Navy Windbreaker

From $37.99 CAD $45.99 CAD


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